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Single Board Computer


A powerful, feature-rich solution for the next generation of compute-intensive embedded applications. 6U CompactPCI CPU boards, enclosures, XMC, and PCI Mezzanine Cards (PMC) is a high-performance, multiprocessing, single-board computer for ruggedized systems which enhance high bandwidth processing and low power consumption.

  • Quad- or dual-core processor with MPC8548E PowerQUICC III processor.


  • 6U Compact PCI module

  • Conduction or air cooling

  • 1 GB of DDR2-PC2 5300 ECC SDRAM in two channels

  • Up to 8 GB of NAND flash

  • Three front panel Gigabit Ethernet ports

  • Dual rear-panel Gigabit Ethernet ports

  • Two rear-panel USB 2.0 high-speed ports

  • One XMC/PMC interface

  • MIL 1553 Interface

BLDC Driver


The BLDC Driver Device is realized using System-in-Package (SiP) Technology. The SiP is designed for pulse width modulation current control of 3phase brushless DC motors. The device is designed to dissipate the heat effectively with internal circuit protection for the latched thermal shutdown. Internal circuit protection also includes dead time protection and under-voltage lockout with the device is available in SO36 Foot Print and can be configured for custom packages. This product is designed for use in a wide range of Industrial and MIL applications.

Portable Test Jig for Airborne Launchers


An Automatic Test Equipment to test Airborne Launchers and Interface boxes. The equipment is designed to test:

  • The Missile Launcher

  • The Missile Remote Interface Unit

  • The Missile Adaptation Interface Box

    • The automatic test jig to reduce test times, resource requirement and possible errors

    • Provision for self-test programs.

    • The test-jig built a basis on the rugged Compact PCI system.

The Portable Test-jig consists of


  1. Hybrid Compact PCI (cPCI /PXI ) backplane

  2. Digital & analog Data Acquisition board

  3. 1553 interface cPCI board (optional)

  4. Onboard Computer

  5. Onboard Programmable (FPGA) interface board

  6. Programmable Power source board

  7. ON board Digital Multi Meter (optional)

  8. cPCIe Serial SATA HDD

  9. Chassis (cPCI/PXI)


  • The Portable test-jig is easy to move and install

  • Module-based test jig integration approach

  • cPCI/PXI backplane with 3 slots 3U size board attachment

  • Option to have A/C input and 50V DC input as a power source.

  • Keyboard monitor and printer ports and work as a stand-alone computer.

  • Support industry-standard interfaces (Ethernet, USB, RS485, UART etc)

  • Support MIL-STD 1553 interface.

  • Plug –n-play with an option for dual-booting for windows and Linux operating systems.

  • Standard interface for 32 channel digital and 32 analog port data acquisition

  • UUT power generation

  • EMC controlled temperature-controlled high reliable chassis.

  • Integrated digital multimeter.

  • Integrated additional HDD for data handling.


  • QFN

  • BGA

  • Thick Film Hybrid Microcircuits

  • Thin Film Hybrid Circuits

  • MCM

  • System in Package (SIP)

  • RF and Microwave Assembly

  • BGA

  • Thick Film Hybrid Microcircuits

  • Thin Film Hybrid Circuits

  • MCM

  • System in Package (SIP)

  • RF and Microwave Assembly


  • Stacked Die

  • Thin Die

  • Brittle Die

  • Package on Package (PoP)

  • Package in Package (PiP)

  • Stacked Substrates

  • Embedded Passives

  • Deep Access wire bonding

  • In-cavity wire bonding

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