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Product Development Services (PDS)

Field Viewer expertise involved in Hardware & Software development capabilities over the last few decades in verticals like Consumer, Industrial & Aerospace/Defense products domains. Field Viewers Microsystems is a complete Design & Service house for complete product development & miniaturization of products.

System Design 


Field Viewers offer system-level solutions with VME/VPX based backplanes/Custom backplanes. Our vast in house expertise in Hardware, Software, FPGA & Mechanical enclosure design enables us in providing complete system solutions.

Hardware Development


Hardware development from concept/feasibility analysis to customer support engineering. It includes in development of products for OEMs, High-Speed digital board, COTS board, Reference boards, Evaluation board, validation boards, Load boards, Tester cards, System/board level rapid prototyping &Re-Engineering of the boards. Supports in obsolete Component management.


The hardware solutions are provided to the customer with the latest edge cut technology ensures the creation of cost-optimized designs with modern electronics.


In house Hardware & PCB design team is capable of developing Board Solutions from a simple conceptual block diagram to generate future proof board to suit customer's requirements. Team as the capabilities in the analyzation of the complex circuit’s simulation of the circuits, Schematics creation, BOM Creation, signal integrity(Pre/Post) analysis, power consumption, Layout PCB files creation  EMI/EMC, manufacturability and testability is controlled to optimally suit the requirement of the project.


We have the capabilities to design &develop the multilayer PCB’s for the applications like high power, high Speed (FPGA/CPLD/ASIC) board solutions to provide an appropriate solution for the client's priority considerations like features, performance, power, cost or upgradeability or a combination. 


We deliver hardware products across industries with the support of in-house test labs to help validate the products before integration. Hardware is developed & evaluated as per the domain standards. Compliance and certification are also of our expertise. 


Field Viewers is also experts in miniaturization of the products with the latest technology to reduce the Size, Power & cost of the system.

Hardware Testing & Certification


Field Viewers has a wide range of experience in functional testing of the design with the in-house test facilities. On Customer request, Field Viewers enables to get the product certification through our external approved labs by doing Environment testing like Temperature, Humidity, vibration, and EMI /EMC, ESD.

Our Hardware Strengths

  •  Development of Digital, Analog, RF and High-Speed design

  •  Very minimal / Zero Cuts and Straps in prototyping

  •   Design for Manufacturing (DFM), Design for Testability (DFT)

  •   An established quality process with our ecosystem partners for volume manufacturing

ASIC & FPGA Hardware Design


ASIC & FPGA design is done using traditional methods and is mostly digital. The primary objective is to meet customer’s integration, cost, and time schedules and to meet the market needs. The combined methodology of using ASIC design and standard components and the value-added system engineering provides the most optimal solution.


Field Viewers diversely skilled FPGA teams bring broad FPGA development expertise to projects in areas including video, high-speed memory interfaces, PCIe, advanced algorithm development, and embedded software. As a turnkey product design firm we design custom FPGA boards and also integrate our FPGA designs with existing client hardware.

FPGA Services

  • Feasibility studies for cutting-edge applications

  • System integration, architecture development, design optimization, and RTL coding in Verilog and VHDL

  • System testing and verification, including test bench development, RTL verification, post-synthesis simulation, and signal integrity analysis.

  • IP Integration; connecting, modifying, and debugging third-party IP, such as video encoders/decoders and standard communication interfaces

FPGA Design Expertise

High-speed communication protocols and interfaces (e.g. PCIe Gen 1/2/3, GbE, Fibre Channel, HDMI, SATA, XAUI, RapidIO, InfiniBand, SerialLite, HD-SDI)

  • DSP algorithm development and digital signal processing in FPGAs

  • Designs using audio and video compression standards and codecs, such as H.264, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MJPEG, MP3, G.711

  • High definition (including 4K) image and video processing pipelines

  • High-speed memory interface designs, including DDR2, DDR3, QDR II, RLDRAM


Field Viewers have the in-house capability of SIP technology to Optimization the Bigger board size/weight by using FPGA/CPLD/ASIC with other peripheral interfaces at die level. The SIP product will be at Industrial or MIL/Avionics grade.

ATE & Test System Development


Field Viewers have the expertise in the design, development, Product integration, test, and support of Manual /automatic test bench and data acquisition systems.  Our team has been involved with the development of Automatic Test Equipment (ATE), Test System development (TSD), Functional test and diagnostics.


ATE / TSD services


  • Test Development Plan

  • Load Board Design

  • Test Program Development

  • Test Program and Device Debug

  • Expert Project Management

  • Electrical Characterization of new products

  • Test Limit Evaluation

  • Test Time Optimization

  • Test Cost Reductions

  • Other customer-defined projects

  • Harnessing 


ATE/TSD Development Services are comprehensive and utilize standardized test development modules providing cost-effectiveness, efficiency and fast development times.

Internet of Things (IOT) Solutions


Field Viewers motto is to connecting every smart & intelligent device together by providing the IoT solutions.

The IoT is the internetworking of physical devices, vehicles (also referred to as "connected devices" and "smart devices"), buildings and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity that enable these objects to collect and exchange data.

The IoT allows objects to be sensed and/or controlled remotely across existing network infrastructure, creating opportunities for more direct integration of the physical world into computer-based systems and resulting in improved efficiency, accuracy and economic benefit


Automatic Meter Reading 

Automatic meter reading, or AMR, is the technology of automatically collecting consumption, diagnostic, and status data from Energy meter and transferring that data to a central database for billing, troubleshooting, and analyzing

Automation Solutions 


Technology has now advanced to the point at which we wish to take an integrated approach to Industry or home automation, allowing appliances to communicate with each other and to be controlled in flexible ways. A wireless network approach to this communication and control provides an easy, cost-effective and scalable solution to minimal or reduction of the human intervention between the Man & Electronic devices.


Field Viewers Microsystems has readymade solution to the Automation products service line where supporting for various control systems for operating equipment such as Home Devices, Street Lights, machinery, processes in factories, boilers and heat treating ovens, switching on telephone networks, steering and stabilization of ships, aircraft and other applications and vehicles with minimal or reduced human intervention& Miniaturisation of the product in size & material cost through Field Viewers SIP Technology. 

Home Automation 


Home automation Gateway system that is used to Control & Monitor all the home appliances remotely with the secure condition. The goal is to eliminate wired connections between electrical appliances and Home automation gateway. Instead of connecting with wires, every electrical appliance has small Wireless technology (Zigbee or WIFI or Bluetooth).


The home appliances are connected to the Home automation gateway with Wire or Wireless and their status is controlled & monitored. Multi-vendor appliances can be added to the system with no major Changes and hence the system is scalable.


The home automation gateway platform includes services for Security and Surveillance, Energy Metering, Home Appliance Control, and Multimedia systems. The core features of the above solutions are:


Security and Surveillance

  •   Gateway application for controlling all sensors and security cameras

  •   Gateway application for recording video feed from security camera when an event trigger occurs

  •   Extending the controlling interface to a mobile phone through a native application

Home Appliance Control

  •   Application for controlling various home devices like AC, refrigerator, media players, etc.

  •   Application for extending the device controlling UI to digital photo frames


  • Application for seamlessly accessing multimedia content from any supported device like Digital Photo frame, tablet, TV, etc.

Street & Highway Light Automation


Street Lighting

Street lighting management needs to be an integral part of a Smart City strategy, as they are typically one of the largest consumers of energy and represent on average one-third to one-half of a city or town’s energy costs. In recent years, many cities, towns, and municipalities have migrated to LED or Solar-based LED lights, and have enjoyed significant energy savings; however, there are many more savings to be achieved through the implementation of intelligent wireless controllers.


Industrial Lighting

In large industrial, manufacturing and warehouse operations, employee safety is paramount; however, there are often times or locations in a facility that do not require 100% lighting. Field Viewers intelligent gateway wireless controllers with advanced Dimming capabilities allow facilities managers to easily group, schedule and dim or turn lights On/Off based on the lighting needs in an area.


The street lighting solution gives you the capability to a remote monitor, and control street lights, in a fail-proof way. The solution has Internet connectivity in order to upload data to a cloud application, to enable remote monitoring. The data can be accessed from smartphones as well. The solution allows you to schedule the different operations of light, according to time of day. This helps in minimizing human interference with daily operations. The solution maintains historical data in order to help you make informed business decisions based on consumption patterns.



  • Automated ON / OFF control of individual lights.

  • A single data concentrator shall support up to more than 100 lighting poles.

  • Able to read the Electric Meter & communicative to Server.

  • Supports mesh network and hopping of data for large coverage of 100s of KMs.

  • Electricity saving modes,

Time-based scheduling and ON / OFF control with daylight harvesting

Pre-defined templates for one in two, one in three or customized ON / OFF

Override support to ON / OFF individual lights as required

Light sensors input based control (optional)

  • Easy to install, plug-n-play retrofit solution.

  • Secure cloud-based for collecting real-time data.

  • Support for smartphones to monitor and control and alerts.

  • Fault detection alarms and events using email / SMS.

  • Daily /monthly/weekly reports:

Electricity consumption.

ON / OFF audit reports.

Fault and error notification.

User activity report.


Application Areas

  • Street lighting

  • Periphery / campus lighting

  • Parks

  • Townships / gated communities

  • Bridges and tunnels

  • Hazardous locations

  • Industrial lighting

  • Mines

  • Pathway / Roadway

  • Warehouse / Parking Lot

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