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SiP Technology & Manufacturing

There is an ever-growing demand for electronic systems and subsystems with increasing functionality, higher performance, smaller form factor and lower cost. These requirements translate to higher level microelectronic fabrication and packaging challenges.


In this scenario, system-in-a-package (SiP) modules are consistently proving to be an alternative packaging solution to system-on-a-chip (SoC), providing the additional benefit of early time to market. As a packaging technology platform, SiP allows a high degree of flexibility in the package architecture with embedded passives, particularly for radio frequency (RF) applications. 

SiP Technology Delivered

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At Field Viewers, all activities revolve around SiP technology, which converts processed silicon chips to optimally integrated functional micro-systems with a judicious mix of innovative substrate design, compatible material/package choices and advanced SMT technology. 

Why SiP Technology?


High level of performance by providing optimum integration for digital, logic and RF functions and passive elements


Field Viewers has strategic tie-ups with substrate vendors for providing custom-designed substrates with embedded passives in a wide variety of materials (custom Ceramic, LTCC, laminate materials, quartz, etc.)


Efficient interconnect technology to minimize the parasitic effects both at the chip/substrate level and the package/system board level

Field Viewers has advanced CAD tools for electrical and thermal modeling and design optimization of parasitics, EMI, crosstalk, etc. through the right choice of packages, interface materials, and assembly approaches. 


Smaller form factors through the integration of active devices indie or CSP form and embedded passives 


At Field Viewers experts mix experience with innovation to provide a cost-effective mix of all current semiconductor assembly and packaging technologies.

Quicker time-to-market, as the system design, tuning and debugging are done at the substrate level, unlike SoC, which requires market re-design and wafer process re-spin for every iteration 


At Field Viewers this is the single driving force in design and package architecture optimization so that the optimum solution is delivered for a given product.

CSP and RF Packaging


SiP (System-in-a-Package) is sometimes used to describe certain multi-chip IC packages like stacked die packaging, Chip Scale Packaging (CSP), Multi-Chip Modules-BGA (MCM-BGA), etc. However, in addition to these innovative IC assembly approaches, the core enabler in SIP technology is appropriate Substrate Engineering, for a given system, to embed passives and passive-based networks like filters and matching circuits, thus providing a major gain in real estate. This approach provides unlimited benefits in RF applications wherein integration of multi-band antennae, MEMS-based RF switches, the variety of filters and filter components is possible. The limiting factor is the acceptable yield level and NRE cost of the custom realized substrate with embedded passives. 


Field Viewers, along with its in-house expertise in substrate design approaches,  has strategic alliance/tie-up with leading substrate vendors covering the standard industry options of special ceramics, LTCC, Laminates, Quartz or Glass. Electrical and Thermal modeling of substrate and package designs at every stage only will ensure the successful final product meeting quality standards. Field Viewers has access to leading CAD tools and has wide experience in modeling and optimization. 


Low-Temperature Co-fired Ceramic (LTCC) provides the best option in stability, tolerance and precision level in realizing passives, lower dielectric losses, cavities for bare die, etc. It is the ideal approach for mid to high range wireless RF applications, but is relatively more expensive and warrant higher turnaround. Laminate-based embedding of passives is a low-cost large scale manufacturing approach with multiple metal layers and low ohmic losses due to copper routing. With limited stability, wide tolerance of values and lower temperature of operation, it is an ideal choice for cost-sensitive consumer applications. Special materials like quartz, glass and high-end ceramics are available for special applications demanding extreme operating conditions like automotive and aerospace systems. Given an application, Field Viewers has the core expertise to arrive at the best solution, liaison with the qualified vendor towards delivering quality and cost-effective substrate engineered products. 

IC / SiP Packaging


Field Viewers has strategic tie-ups with substrate vendors for providing custom-designed substrates with embedded passives in a wide variety of materials (custom Ceramic, LTCC, laminate materials, quartz, etc.) 


The success of SiP-based products mainly depends on the close coordination of design and production agencies, as the technology is highly dependent on the total compatibility of choice of materials, package architecture and IC assembly approaches. 


The process parameters in the manufacturing line are evolved carefully through the continuous line and process qualification procedures and these data form the strict guidelines at the design stage. 


The packaging facility is Class 1000 Clean Room well equipped with High Precision die placement having 3-D Die Stacking & Flip chip capability, Fine pitch wire bonding, Auto Molding, Thick film hybrid substrate manufacturing, SiP& MCM assembly to MIL & Space requirements. 


Being a vertically integrated setup, Field Viewers enjoys constant feedback of process improvement into future designs and thus, Design for Manufacturability (DFM) is a built-in feature. Also, technology hand-in-hand with a design is continuously evolving, paving the way for innovative solutions being delivered continuously.

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